a lis odyssey

My name is Louise and I am a current student at #citylis (the Library School at City, University of London). This blog will be about my studies in Library and Information Science (LIS), and my experiences in the world of libraries.

At the moment I am working part time as a Library Assistant at the Institute of Classical Studies Library / Joint Library of the Hellenic and Roman Societies, where I have just finished a year as a Graduate Library Trainee. This is one of several trainee positions at research libraries in London, aimed at people interested in starting a career in libraries (London trainees blog). As I had studied Classics as an undergraduate, this was the perfect job for me! Throughout the year I have learned so much, not only through working in a library, but also by going on visits to other libraries with my fellow trainees, meeting other librarians, and talking to them about their work and backgrounds. As I’m sure you will have guessed, I very much enjoyed my trainee year and decided to continue pursuing a career in libraries.

In my new role at the ICS Library I am responsible for the binding of periodicals and assisting the Periodicals Librarian, so I’m happy to be doing something different, while being lucky enough to stay on somewhere I really enjoy working. I will admit to being nervous about working at the same time as studying, but I hope that working in the relevant field will be helpful research as well as a challenge!

I am really looking forward to starting the course at #citylis, and getting to know my fellow LIS students. We are encouraged to engage with social media, including Twitter, which I do already enjoy both personally and as a useful tool professionally (I’m @Luisa_inthesky. Follow me for all your LIS, theatre, figure skating, and cult media needs!). I am less confident about sharing more than 140 characters on my own experiences, and so I hope that my first foray into blogging has not been too painful!


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